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Fax: +31(0)497 387188
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Nemabo is a company specializing in trade in the construction of bagging lines and palletisers (palletiseermachines). but also for conversion, modernisation, service and maintenance to your current afzak-and/or palletiseerautomaten nemabo is a suitable partner. We are also producer of means of transport for the routing to our installations. This may transportschroeven and-links are for the landing of the material or links and rollenbanen for the disposal of bags and pallets. We also palletwikkelaars hereby supply. In short, if so desired we are providing a turn-key project!

Nemabo is located in Bladel (Netherlands) and is good for more than 45 years of experience in the afzak-and palletiseer machines. Jack founding members of the Greens and Bart hamsvoort. For each product and for each type dosage can nemabo you offer a solution. Your special wishes at all times are paramount. nemabo builds than also made according to your wishes, which we have the right partner for you in the future. For a specialist organization, you are the customer and never a customer.